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Rule 19. Responsive pleadings.

(a) An answer to an abuse, neglect, and/or dependencypetition, a petition to terminate parental rights, or a petition for a changeof custody must be filed ten days after pretrial or twenty-five days afterservice of the petition whichever comes first. The answer may be made orally ata pretrial hearing but otherwise must comply with Utah R. Juv. P. 34. Defaultagainst a party who fails to appear either in person or by counsel at pretrial,or who fails to file an answer may be entered pursuant to Utah R. Juv. P. 34.

(b) Before answering, the respondent may move to dismissthe petition as insufficient to state a claim upon which relief can be granted.The court shall hear all parties and rule on said motion before requiring aparty to answer.

(c) A party may file a written pleading or motionconcerning the allegations of the petition before or at the hearing. Suchpleading or a true and complete copy thereof shall be made available to theother parties of record. At the request of a party or on the court's ownmotion, the court shall set the matter for hearing to allow either party torespond to the issues raised in the pleading or motion.

(d) If a hearing has been requested and the non-movingparty fails to file a memorandum in opposition, the moving party may withdrawthe request or the court on its own motion may strike the request and decidethe motion without oral argument.

Effective Date:? November 1, 2017