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Rule 17. The petition.

(a) Delinquency cases.

(a)(1) The petition shall allege the offense as it is designatedby statute or ordinance, and shall state: in concise terms, the definition ofthe offense together with a designation of the section or provision of lawallegedly violated; the name, age and date of birth of the minor; the name andresidence address of the minor's parents, guardian or custodian; the date andplace of the offense; and the name or identity of the victim, if known.

(a)(2) The petition shall be verified and filed by the prosecutingattorney upon information and belief.

(b) Neglect, abuse, dependency, permanent terminationand ungovernability cases.

(b)(1) The petition shall set forth in plain and concise languagethe jurisdictional basis as designated by statute, the facts supporting thecourt's jurisdiction, and the relief sought. The petition shall state: thename, age and residence of the minor; the name and residence of the minor'sparent, guardian or custodian; and if the parent, guardian or custodian isunknown, the name and residence of the nearest known relative or the person oragency exercising physical or legal custody of the minor.

(b)(2) The petition must be verified and statements made thereinmay be made on information and belief.

(b)(3) A petition filed by a state human services agency shalleither be prepared or approved by the office of the attorney general. When thepetitioner is an employee or agent of a state agencyacting in his or her official capacity, the name of the agency shall be setforth and the petitioner shall designate his or her title.

(c) Other cases.

(c)(1) Protective orders. Petitions may be filed on formsavailable from the court clerk and must conform to the format and arrangementof such forms.

(c)(2) Expungements. The petition shall state: the name, ageand residence of the minor. The petition shall state the date and nature of each adjudication which the petitioner wishes toexpunge. Petitions for expungement must be accompanied by an original criminalhistory report obtained from the Bureau of Criminal Identification and proof ofservice upon the County Attorney, or within a prosecution district, theDistrict Attorney for each jurisdiction in which anadjudication occurred prior to being filed with the Clerk of Court.Petitions for expungement must meet all of the criteria of Utah Code ? 78A-6-1105.

(c)(3) Petitions in other proceedings shall conform to Utah Ruleof Civil Procedure 10, except that in adoption proceedings, the petition mustbe accompanied by a certified copy of the Decree of Permanent Termination.

Effective Date:? May 1, 2018