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Rule 16A. Transfer of a non-delinquencyproceeding.

(a) After the adjudication of a petition in anon-delinquency proceeding, the court may transfer the case to the districtwhere the minor or parent resides so long as the court finds it is in the bestinterest of the minor.

(b) A case may not be transferred prior toadjudication unless the court finds good cause to transfer the matter toanother district.

?(c)? The court may nottransfer the case to another district after the initial disposition hearing unlessthe transferring court first communicates and consults with the receivingcourt. ?

(d) The receiving court shall schedule a hearingwithin 30 days of receiving notice of the transfer. ?

(e) The transferring or certifying court shallnotify the receiving court and transmit all documents and legal and social records, or certified copies thereof, to the receiving court. Thereceiving court shall proceed with the case as if the petition had been originally filed or the adjudicationhad been originally made inthat court.

(f)The dismissal of a petition in one district where the dismissal is withoutprejudice and where there has been no adjudication upon the merits shall notpreclude refiling within the same district or another district where venue isproper.

Effective September 1, 2021