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Rule 13. Shelter hearings.

(a) Shelter hearings shall be conducted inaccordance with Section 78A-6-306 and Section 78A-6-307.

(b) The Division of Child and FamilyServices shall file with the court at or before the shelter hearing a copy of thenotice form required by Section 62A-4a-202.2 and the notice required by Section78A-6-306.

(c) At the beginning of the shelter hearing,the court shall advise all persons present of the information submitted to thecourt as a basis for the admission of the minor into shelter care and of thescope and purpose of the hearing.

(d) The court may receive any information,including hearsay and opinions, that is relevant tothe issue of whether it is safe to release the minor to the parent, guardian orcustodian. Privileged communications may be admitted only in accordance withthe rules of evidence.

(e) If the parent, guardian, or custodian ofthe minor cannot be notified as provided in Section 78A-6-306, a shelterhearing may be held without the minor's parent, guardian or custodian. Upon afinding that a continuance is necessary for the protection of the minor, forthe accumulation or presentation of necessary evidence, to protect the rightsof a party, or for other good cause, the court may continue the hearing inaccordance with Section 78A-6-306.

(f) If the minor is not released, the orderfor continued shelter shall be furnished to the agency responsible for sheltercare of minors in the county. Orders for continued shelter care shall be ofdefinite duration and may be extended upon review at a hearing in conformitywith Section 78A-6-306 and this rule.

(g) The release of the minor from sheltercare may be requested by the court, a party, or any person interested in theminor at any time on the grounds that the conditions giving rise to theplacement no longer exist or no longer justify continuing shelter. Such requestshall be considered by the court at a hearing in conformity with Section78A-6-306 and this rule.