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Rule 11. Time limits on detention orders.

(a) Preliminary inquiries and investigations shall be promptlyconducted in cases involving minors ordered held in detention. Orders fordetention are not of indefinite duration and shall be limited as follows.

(1)Minors held in detention. Unless the time period for filing a petition orholding an arraignment is extended by court order, a minor shall be releasedfrom detention if a petition is not filed within 5 working days of the date theminor was admitted to detention or an arraignment is not held within 10 days ofthe date the petition is filed.

(2)Minors placed on home detention or released with conditions. Unless extended bycourt order, if a petition is not filed within 30 days of the placement on homedetention or the date of release from detention with conditions, the ordershall terminate.

(3) Minorsinvolved in a diversion in lieu of detention.?Thediversion agreement shall terminate within 30 days of the diversion in lieu ofdetention if a non-judicial adjustment is not entered into or if a petition isnot filed, and the diversion agreement shall so specify.

(4) Minorsheld in detention pending disposition or placement are governed by Utah Code section80-6-207.

(b) Requests for extensions of the time period for filing apetition shall be made by means of a motion and order.

EffectiveDecember 17, 2021.