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Rule 16. Transfer ofdelinquency case for preliminary inquiry.

(a) When a minor resides in acounty within the state other than the county in which the alleged delinquencyoccurred, the intake probation officer of the county of occurrence shall make apreliminary determination in accordance with Rule 14 and shall, unlessotherwise directed by court order, transfer the referral to the county ofresidence for a preliminary inquiry to be conducted in accordance with Rule 15.If any of the following circumstances are found to exist at the time ofpreliminary inquiry, the referral shall be transferred back to the county ofoccurrence for filing of a petition and further proceedings:

(a)(1) if a child, the child orthe child?s parent, guardian or custodian cannot be located or failed to appearafter notice for the preliminary inquiry;

(a)(2) if a child, the child orthe child?s parent, guardian or custodian indicate that they plan to deny theoffense alleged in the referral or request an evidentiary hearing;

(a)(3) if a minor or theminor?s custodian cannot be located or fails to appear after notice for thepreliminary inquiry or indicates they plan to deny the offense alleged in thereferral or requests an evidentiary hearing;

(a)(4) there are circumstancesin the case which require adjudication in the county of occurrence in theinterest of justice; or

(a)(5) there are multipleminors involved who live in different counties.

(b) If the referral is notreturned to the county of occurrence, a petition may be filed in the county ofresidence, and the arraignment and all further proceedings may be conducted inthat county if the petition is admitted.