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Rule 15. Preliminaryinquiry; informal adjustment without petition.

(a) If the minor controvertsthe allegations in the referral or upon request by the minor, the effort at nonjudicial adjustment shall terminate.

(b) In attempting to determinewhether the interests of the minor or the public require that a petition befiled, the probation intake officer may conduct one or more interviews with theminor, or if a child, then with the child and at least one of the child?sparent, guardian or custodian and may invite the referring party and thevictim, if any, to attend or otherwise seek further information from them.Attendance at any such interview shall be voluntary and the probation intakeofficer may not compel the disclosure of any information or the visiting of anyplace. A non judicial adjustment of the case shall not be attempted if theoffense or condition alleged in the referral report as a basis for courtjurisdiction is denied by the minor.

(c) In any such interview, theminor, or if a child, then the child and the child?s parent, guardian orcustodian must be advised that the interview is voluntary, that they have aright to have counsel present to represent the minor, that the minor has theright not to disclose any information, and that any information disclosed thatcould tend to incriminate the minor cannot be used against the minor in courtto prove whether the minor committed the offense alleged in the referral butmay be used as part of a dispositional recommendation to the court.

(d) If the probation intakeofficer concludes on the basis of the preliminary inquiry that non judicialadjustment is appropriate and is authorized in such cases by the court, suchofficer may seek agreement with the minor, or if a child, then with the childand the child?s parent, guardian or custodian to a proposed non judicialadjustment. If such agreement is reached and the terms and conditions agreedupon are satisfactorily complied with by the minor, or if a child, then withthe child and the child?s parent, guardian or custodian, the case shall beclosed without petition. Such resolution of the case shall not be deemed anadjudication of jurisdiction of the court and shall not constitute an officialrecord of juvenile court action or disposition. A non judicial adjustment maybe considered by the probation intake officer in a subsequent preliminaryinquiry and by the court for purposes of disposition only followingadjudication of a subsequent delinquency involving the same minor.

(e) Attempts to affect non judicialadjustment of a case shall not extend beyond 90 days without authorization bythe court, and then for no more than an additional 90 days.