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Rule 4

Rule 4. Time.

(a) In computing time under these rules, the day of the act,event or default from which the designated period of time begins to run shallnot be included. The last day of the period shall be included unless it is aSaturday, Sunday or legal holiday, in which event the period runs until the endof the next day which is not a Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday. When a periodof time allowed is less than 11 days, without reference to any additional timeunder subsection (d), intermediate Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays shallbe excluded from the computation.

(b) The court may, with or without motion or notice, forcause shown, order the time period enlarged if request is made before theperiod has expired. The court may consider a motion to grant an enlargement ofa time period made after the period has expired, and may grant the motion, ifthere is a reasonable excuse for failure to act within the period.

(c) A written motion, other than one which may be heard exparte, and notice of the hearing shall be served not later than five daysbefore the time specified for the hearing, unless a different period is fixedby these rules or by court order. An order fixing the period of time may forcause shown be made on an ex parte application. When the motion is supported byan affidavit, the affidavit shall be served with the motion, and opposingaffidavits may be served not later than one day before the hearing unlessotherwise ordered by the court.

(d) Whenever a party has the right or is required to do someact or take some proceedings within a prescribed time period after the serviceof a notice or other paper upon the party and the notice or paper is served bymail, three days shall be added to the prescribed period as calculated undersubsection (a). Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays shall be included in thecomputation of any three-day period under this subsection, except that if thelast day of the three-day period is a Saturday, Sunday, or a legal holiday, theperiod shall run until the end of the next day which is not a Saturday, Sunday,or a legal holiday.