Rule 56. Expungement.

(a)  Any person adjudicated in a minor's case may petition the court for an order expunging and sealing the records pursuant to Utah Code section 78A-6-1501, et. seq.

(b)  Adjudication expungement.

(b)(1) Upon filing the petition, the clerk shall calendar the matter for hearing and give at least 30 days notice to the prosecuting attorney, the Juvenile Probation Department, the agency with custody of the records, and any victim or victims representative of record on each adjudication identified by petitioner as being subject to expungement who have requested in writing notice of further proceedings. The petitioner may be required to obtain and file verifications from local law enforcement agencies in every community in which the petitioner has resided stating whether petitioner has a criminal record.

(b)(2) If the court finds, upon hearing, that the conditions for expungement under Utah Code section 78A-6-1503 have been satisfied, the court shall order the records of the case sealed as provided in Utah Code section 78A-6-1503.

(c) Nonjudicial expungement.

(c)(1) A person whose juvenile record consists solely of nonjudicial adjustments, as provided for in Utah Code section 78A-6-602, may petition the court for expungement as provided for in Utah Code section 78A-6-1504.

(d) The clerk shall provide certified copies of the executed order of expungement, at no cost, to the petitioner and the petitioner shall deliver a copy of the order to each agency in the State of Utah identified in the order.

Effective November 1, 2020.