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Rule 9.5. Charged multiple offenses - To befiled in single court.

(a)(1) Unless otherwise provided by law,complaints, citations, or informations chargingmultiple offenses, which may include violations of state laws, countyordinances, or municipal ordinances and arising from a single criminal episodeas defined by Utah Code ? 76-1-401, shall be filed in a single court that hasjurisdiction of the charged offense with the highest possible penalty of allthe offenses charged.

(a)(2) The offenses within the complaint,citation, or information may not be separated except by order of the court andfor good cause shown.

(b) For purposes of this section, the court thatis adjudicating the complaint, citation, or information has jurisdiction overall the offenses charged, and a single prosecutorial entity shall prosecute theoffenses.


Effective January 1,1989