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Rule 4B. Case commencedby citation.


(a)  If a casecommences with the filing of a citation pursuant to Utah Code ? 77-7-18, thefollowing procedures apply.


(b)  If thecitation did not specify a time certain for the defendant to appear, the courtmay schedule a time to appear before the court and provide notice to thedefendant by mail, or other means of contact provided with the citation.


(c)  If thedefendant timely appears, the court shall proceed under rule 7.


(d)  If thedefendant fails to timely appear, as required by the court or the terms of thecitation, the court may issue a bench warrant for the defendant's arrest. 


(e)  If thedefendant fails to appear upon a citation, the court may instruct theprosecutor to file an information that complies with rule 4. Such informationneed not contain the statement described in rule 4(c).  It shallhowever, include the citation number originally issued to the defendant.


Effective May 1, 2017