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Rule 24. Motion fornew trial.


(a) The court may, uponmotion of a party or upon its own initiative, grant a new trial in the interestof justice if there is any error or impropriety which had a substantial adverseeffect upon the rights of a party.


(b) A motion for a newtrial shall be made in writing and upon notice. The motion shall be accompaniedby affidavits or evidence of the essential facts in support of the motion. Ifadditional time is required to procure affidavits or evidence the court may postponethe hearing on the motion for such time as it deems reasonable.


(c) A motion for a newtrial shall be made not later than 14 days after entry of the sentence, orwithin such further time as the court may fix before expiration of the time forfiling a motion for new trial.


(d) If a new trial isgranted, the party shall be in the same position as if no trial had been heldand the former verdict shall not be used or mentioned either in evidence or inargument.


Effective November 1,2015