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Rule 17.5. Hearings withcontemporaneous transmission from a different location.


(a) The court, in itsdiscretion, may conduct the arraignment, bail hearing, and/or initialappearance with a defendant attending by contemporaneous transmission from adifferent location without the agreement of the parties or waiver of thedefendant?s attendance in person.


(b) For any other typeof hearing, the court may conduct the hearing with a defendant attending bycontemporaneous transmission from a different location only if the partiesagree and the defendant knowingly and voluntarily waives attendance in person.


(c) For good causeand with appropriate safeguards the court may permit testimony in open court bycontemporaneous transmission from a different location if the party not callingthe witness waives the right to confront the witness in person.


(d) Nothing in this ruleprecludes or affects the procedures in rule 15.5.


Effective November 1,2016