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Rule15. Expert witnesses and interpreters.


(a) ??????????Appointingan expert witness. The court may appoint any expert witness agreedupon by the parties or of its own selection. An expert so appointed shallbe informed of the expert?s duties by the court in writing, a copy ofwhich shall be filed. An expert so appointed shall advise the court and theparties of the expert?s findings and may thereafter be called totestify by the court or by any party. The expert shall be subject tocross-examination by each party. The court shall determine the reasonablecompensation of the expert and direct payment thereof. The parties may callexpert witnesses of their own at their own expense. Upon showing that adefendant is financially unable to pay the fees of an expert whose services arenecessary for adequate defense, the witness fee shall be paid as ifthe witness were called on behalf of the prosecution.


(b) ??????????Appointingan interpreter. The court may appoint an interpreter of its ownselection and shall determine reasonable compensation and direct paymentthereof. The court may allow counsel to question the interpreter before theinterpreter is sworn to discharge the duties of an interpreter.


EffectiveJanuary 1, 1989