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Rule 24. Motion for new trial.


(a) The court may, upon motion of a party or upon its owninitiative, grant a new trial in the interest of justice if there is any erroror impropriety which had a substantial adverse effect upon the rights of aparty.


(b) A motion for a new trial shall be made in writing andupon notice. The motion shall be accompanied by affidavits or evidence of theessential facts in support of the motion. If additional time is required toprocure affidavits or evidence the court may postpone the hearing on the motionfor such time as it deems reasonable.


(c) A motion for a new trial shall be made not later than 14days after entry of the sentence, or within such further time as the court mayfix before expiration of the time for filing a motion for new trial.


(d) If a new trial is granted, the party shall be in thesame position as if no trial had been held and the former verdict shall not beused or mentioned either in evidence or in argument.