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Rule 58B. Satisfaction of judgment.

(a) Satisfaction by acknowledgment. Within 28 days after full satisfaction of thejudgment, the owner or the owner's attorney must file an acknowledgment ofsatisfaction in the court in which the judgment was entered. If the owner isnot the original judgment creditor, the owner or owner?s attorney must alsofile proof of ownership. If the satisfaction is for part of the judgment or forfewer than all of the judgment debtors, it must state the amount paid or namethe debtors who are released.

(b) Satisfaction by order of court. The court in which the judgment was first enteredmay, upon motion and satisfactory proof, enter an order declaring the judgmentsatisfied.

(c) Effect of satisfaction. Satisfaction of a judgment, whether byacknowledgement or order, discharges the judgment, and the judgment ceases tobe a lien as to the debtors named and to the extent of the amount paid. A writof execution or a writ of garnishment issued after partial satisfaction mustinclude the partial satisfaction and must direct the officer to collect onlythe balance of the judgment, or to collect only from the judgment debtorsremaining liable.

(d) Filing certificate of satisfaction in othercounties. After satisfaction of ajudgment, whether by acknowledgement or order, has been entered in the court inwhich the judgment was first entered, a certificate by the clerk showing thesatisfaction may be filed with the clerk of the district court in any othercounty where the judgment has been entered.