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Rule 107

Rule 107. Decree of adoption; Petition to open adoptionrecords.

(a) An adoptive parent or adult adoptee may obtain acertified copy of the adoption decree upon request and presentation of positiveidentification.

(b) A petition to open the court's adoption records shallidentify the type of information sought and shall state good cause for access,and, in the following circumstances, shall provide the information indicatedbelow:

(b)(1) If the petition seeks health, genetic or socialinformation, the petition shall state why the health history, genetic historyor social history of the Bureau of Vital Statistics is insufficient for thepurpose.

(b)(2) If the petition seeks identifying information, thepetition shall state why the voluntary adoption registry of the Bureau of VitalStatistics is insufficient for the purpose.

(c) The court may order the petition served on any personhaving an interest in the petition, including the placement agency, theattorney handling a private placement, or the birth parents. If the courtorders the petition served on any person whose identity is confidential, thecourt shall proceed in a manner that gives that person notice and theopportunity to be heard without revealing that person's identity or location.

(d) The court shall determine whether the petitioner hasshown good cause and whether the reasons for disclosure outweigh the reasonsfor non-disclosure.

(e) If the court grants the petition, the court shall permitthe petitioner to inspect and copy only those records that serve the purpose ofthe petition. The order shall expressly permit the petitioner to inspect andcopy such records.

(f) The clerk of the court shall reseal the records afterthe petitioner has inspected and copied them.