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???? Rule 52. Child welfare appeals.

(a)??? Timefor appeal. A notice of appeal from an order in a child welfareproceeding, as defined in Rule 1(f), must be filed within 15 days of the entryof the order appealed from.

(b)??? Timefor appeal extended by certain motions.

(b)(1)??????? Ifa party timely files in the trial court any of thefollowing, the time for all parties to appeal from the judgment runs from theentry of the dispositive order:

(b)(1)(A)? A motion for judgment under Rule 50(b) of the Utah Rules of CivilProcedure;

(b)(1)(B)?? Amotion to amend or make additional findings of fact, whether or not analteration of the judgment would be required if the motion is granted, underRule 52(b) of the Utah Rules of Civil Procedure;

(b)(1)(C)?? A motion to alter or amend the judgment under Rule 59 of the UtahRules of Civil Procedure; or

(b)(1)(D)? A motion for a new trial under Rule 59 of the Utah Rules of CivilProcedure.

(b)(2)??????? Anotice of appeal filed after announcement or entry of judgment, but beforeentry of an order disposing of any motion listed in paragraph (b), will betreated as filed after entry of the order and on the day thereof, except thatthe notice of appeal is effective to appeal only from the underlying judgment.To appeal from a final order disposing of any motion listed in paragraph(b)(1), a party must file a notice of appeal or anamended notice of appeal within the prescribed time measured from the entry ofthe order.

(c)??? Timefor cross‑appeal. If a timely notice of appeal is filed by aparty, any other party may file a notice of appeal within 5 days after thefirst notice of appeal was filed, or within the time otherwiseprescribed by paragraphs (a) and (b) of this rule, whichever period lastexpires.

(d)??? Appealsof interlocutory orders. Appeals from interlocutory orders are governedby Rule 5.

EffectiveNovember 1, 2016