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Rule 35. Petition for rehearing.

(a) Petition for rehearing permitted. A rehearing will not begranted in the absence of a petition for rehearing. A petition for rehearingmay be filed only in cases in which the court has issued an opinion, memorandumdecision, or per curiam decision. No other petitionsfor rehearing will be considered. ?

(b) Time for filing. A petition for rehearing may be filed withthe clerk within 14 days after issuance of the opinion, memorandum decision, orper curiam decision of the court, unless the time isshortened or enlarged by order.

(c) Contents of petition. The petition shall state withparticularity the points of law or fact which the petitioner claims the courthas overlooked or misapprehended and shall contain such argument in support ofthe petition as the petitioner desires. Counsel forpetitioner must certify that the petition is presented in good faith and notfor delay.

(d) Oral argument. Oral argument in support of the petition willnot be permitted.

(e) Response. No response to a petition for rehearing will bereceived unless requested by the court. Any response shall be filed within 14days after the entry of the order requesting the response, unless otherwiseordered by the court. A petition for rehearing will not be granted in theabsence of a request for a response.

(f) Form of petition. The petition shall be in a form prescribedby Rule 27 and shall include a copy of the decision to which it is directed.

(g) Number of copies to be filed and served. Anoriginal and 6 copies shall be filed with the court. Two copies shall beserved on counsel for each party separately represented.

(h) Length. Except by order of the court, a petition for rehearingand any response requested by the court shall not exceed 15 pages.

(i) Color of cover. The cover of a petition for rehearing shall betan; that of any response to a petition for rehearing filed by a party, white;and that of any response filed by an amicus curiae,green. All brief covers shall be of heavy cover stock. There shall be adequatecontrast between the printing and the color of the cover.

(j) Action by court if granted. If a petition for rehearing isgranted, the court may make a final disposition of the cause without reargument, or may restore it to the calendar for reargument or resubmission, or may make such otherorders as are deemed appropriate under the circumstances of the particularcase.

(k) Untimely or consecutive petitions. Petitions for rehearingthat are not timely presented under this rule and consecutive petitions forrehearing will not be received by the clerk.

(l) Amicus curiae. An amicus curiae maynot file a petition for rehearing but may file a response to a petition if thecourt has requested a response under paragraph (e) of this rule.