Rule 56. Response to petition on appeal.

(a) Filing. Any appellee, including the Guardian ad Litem, may file a response to the petition on appeal. An original and four copies of the response must be filed with the clerk of the Court of Appeals within 15 days after service of the appellant's petition on appeal. It shall be accompanied by proof of service. The response shall be deemed filed on the date of the postmark if first-class mail is utilized. The appellee shall serve a copy on counsel of record of each party, including the Guardian ad Litem, or, if the party is not represented by counsel, then on the party at the party's last known address, in the manner prescribed in Rule 21(c).

(b) Format. A response shall substantially comply with the Response to Petition on Appeal form that accompanies these rules. The response shall not exceed 15 pages, excluding any attachments, and shall comply with Rule 27(a) and (b), except that it may be printed or duplicated on one side of the sheet.