Rule 14.  Review of administrative orders: how obtained; intervention.

(a)    Petition for review of order; joint petition. When a statute provides for judicial review by or appeal to the Supreme Court or the Court of Appeals of an order or decision of an administrative agency, board, commission, committee, or officer (hereinafter the term “agency” shall include agency, board, commission, committee, or officer), a party seeking review must file a petition for review with the clerk of the appellate court within the time prescribed by statute, or if there is no time prescribed, then within 30 days after the date of the written decision or order. The petition must specify the parties seeking review and must designate the respondent(s) and the order or decision, or part thereof, to be reviewed. In each case, the agency must be named respondent. The State of Utah is a respondent if required by statute, even if not designated in the petition. If two or more persons are entitled to petition for review of the same order and their interests are such as to make joinder practicable, they may file a joint petition for review and may thereafter proceed as a single petitioner.

(b)    Service of petition. The petitioner must serve the petition on the respondents and all parties to the proceeding before the agency in a manner provided by Rule 21.

(c)    Intervention.  Any person may file with the clerk of the appellate court a motion to intervene. The motion must contain a concise statement of the interest of the moving party and the grounds on which intervention is sought. A motion to intervene must be filed within 40 days of the date on which the petition for review is filed.

Effective November 1, 2016

Advisory Committee Note

The provisions for service, proof of service, and paying filing fees, formerly found in this rules, have been consolidated in Rule 21.