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Rule 9-101. Boardof Justice Court Judges.


To prescribe themembership, method of selection, term of office and basic procedures of theBoard.


This rule shall apply to theBoard of Justice Court Judges.

Statement of the Rule:

(1) There is hereby established aBoard of Justice Court Judges comprised of the chair, six at-large members, andthe three Council representatives.

(2) The Justice Court judgesshall, by majority vote of those in attendance at the annual spring trainingconference, elect the members of the Board.

(3) The chair and the at-largemembers shall serve staggered two year terms. The Council representatives shallserve during the length of their term as Council representatives.

(4) The chair shall preside overall meetings of the Board and over the Justice Court judges' trainingconferences. The chair may not simultaneously serve as a Councilrepresentative.

(5) Members of the Board shallelect a vice-chair and an education liaison. The vice-chair shall serve aschair in the absence of the chair or upon request of the chair. Neither thevice-chair nor the education liaison may simultaneously serve as a Councilrepresentative.

(6) There shall be an ExecutiveCommittee comprised of the chair, vice-chair and one of the Councilrepresentatives designated by the chair. The Executive Committee may takenecessary action on behalf of the Board between Board meetings.

(7) If vacancies occur for anyreason on the Board between elections, the Board shall elect a replacement forthe unexpired term of the vacancy.

(8) Should the chair resign orleave the Board for any reason, the vice-chair shall become chair for theremainder of the term.

(9) Should the vice-chair of theBoard resign or leave the Board for any reason, a new vice-chair shall beelected by the Board from among its members to serve the unexpired term of thevice-chair.

(10) If a vacancy occurs for anyreason among the representatives to the Council, the Board shall designate aninterim representative to serve until the next annual training conference, atwhich time a representative shall be elected to fill the unexpired term.

(11) The Board shall meet atleast quarterly to transact any and all business that is within itsjurisdiction. The Board shall rule by majority vote. All members, except thethree Council representatives, are voting members. Four voting members of theBoard constitute a quorum. Board meetings shall be conducted generally in accordancewith Robert's Rules of Order.

(12) All business conducted bythe Board shall be conducted in accordance with this Code.(13) The Board shallbe responsible for certifying new justice courts and recertifying existingjustice courts to the Judicial Council as outlined in Rule 9-108.

(13) The Board shall be responsible forcertifying new justice courts and recertifying existing justice courts to theJudicial Council as outlined in Rule 9-108.