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Rule 7.4. Communication of fields of practice.

(a)A licensed paralegal practitioner must communicate the fact that the licensedparalegal practitioner practices only in particular fields of law.

(b)-(d) Reserved.



[1]Paragraph (a) of this Rule permits a licensed paralegal practitioner toindicate areas of practice in communications about the licensed paralegalpractitioner?s services. If a licensed paralegal practitioner practices only incertain fields or will not accept matters except in a specified field orfields, the licensed paralegal practitioner is required to so indicate. Alicensed paralegal practitioner is generally permitted to state that thelicensed paralegal practitioner is a "specialist," practices a"specialty" or "specializes in" particular fields, but suchcommunications are subject to the "false and misleading" standardapplied in Rule 7.1 to communications concerning a licensed paralegalpractitioner?s services.

[2]-[3] Reserved.


Effective November 1, 2018