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Rule 7-302.Court reports preparedfor delinquency cases.


To developminimum standards for court reports to the Juvenile Court.


This ruleshall apply to all court reports prepared for delinquency cases in the JuvenileCourts.

Statement of the Rule:

(1)       The probation department or other agencydesignated by the court shall prepare a court report in writing in all cases inwhich a petition has been filed.

(2)       The court can direct the probation department toprepare a court report on any matter referred to the court.

(3)       The contents of the court report shall includethe following:

(3)(A)       a summary of:

(3)(A)(i)       the circumstances surrounding the matter beforethe court;

(3)(A)(ii)       theminor's prior referral history, including prior actions taken by the probationdepartment;

(3)(A)(iii)      anycontacts and history the family has had with other agencies;

(3)(A)(iv)      thevictim impact statement and an itemized listing of losses or damages sufferedby the victim with respect to the matter before the court;

(3)(A)(v)       responsesto the minorís compliant and non-compliant behavior;

(3)(A)(vi)      theminor's academic performance and behavior in school and a statement of theminor's employment history if applicable;

(3)(A)(vii)    anyphysical or emotional problems the minor may have that could affect behavior;

(3)(A)(viii)   theminorís substance use history; and

(3)(A)(ix)      thestrengths and weaknesses of the minor as perceived by the minor and the parentsor guardian(s); and

(3)(B)       an assessment of:

(3)(B)(i)       the minor's attitude towards the court and theminor's attitude and values in general;

(3)(B)(ii)       theparents' attitude and what corrective action, if any, they took with respect tothe minor's conduct and actions that brought the minor before the court; and

(3)(B)(iii)      thestrengths and weaknesses of the parents or guardian(s); and

(3)(C)       the minorís risk level as indicated by avalidated risk and needs assessment, as well as a list of risk and protectivefactors;

(3)(D)       recommendations specific to the minorís risklevel that consider restorative justice principles and evidence-based best practices;

(3)(E)       sentencing guideline results, includingaggravating and mitigating factors; and

(3)(F)       any other relevant information.

(4)       All information contained in the court report shouldbe verified whenever possible. Individuals providing information for the reportshould be identified and any opinions or unverified information should beidentified as such.

(5)       No social information shall be gathered on aminor if the minor denies the allegations during the preliminary inquiry unlessthe minor and parent/guardian or custodian give their written consent for theinformation to be gathered.

(6)       No social information shall be provided to thecourt before the minor's case is adjudicated.

(7)       Once the court report is prepared, it shall be electronicallyfiled in the minorís file.

Effective November 1, 2019