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Rule 6.3. Membership in legalservices organization.

Alicensed paralegal practitioner may serve as a director, officer or member of alegal services organization, apart from the firm in which the licensedparalegal practitioner practices, notwithstanding that the organization servespersons having interests adverse to a client of the licensed paralegalpractitioner. The licensed paralegal practitioner shall not knowinglyparticipate in a decision or action of the organization:

(a)If participation in the decision would be incompatible with the licensedparalegal practitioner?s obligations to a client under Rule 1.7 of the Rules ofProfessional Conduct for Licensed Paralegal Practitioners; or

(b)Where the decision could have a material adverse effect on the representationof a client of the organization whose interests are adverse to a client of thelicensed paralegal practitioner or on the representation of a client of thelicensed paralegal practitioner or the licensed paralegal practitioner?s firm.



[1]Licensed paralegal practitioners should be encouraged to support andparticipate in legal service organizations. A licensed paralegal practitionerwho is an officer or a member of such an organization does not thereby have aclient-licensed paralegal practitioner relationship with persons served by theorganization. However, there is potential conflict between the interests ofsuch persons and the interests of the licensed paralegal practitioner'sclients. If the possibility of such conflict disqualified a licensed paralegalpractitioner from serving on the board of a legal services organization, theprofession's involvement in such organizations would be severely curtailed.

[2]It may be necessary in appropriate cases to reassure a client of the organizationthat the representation will not be affected by conflicting loyalties of amember of the board. Established, written policies in this respect can enhancethe credibility of such assurances.


Effective November 1, 2018