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Rule 6-303

Rule 6-303. Collectionof fines and restitution.


To provide consistency in thecollection of all fines and restitution ordered by the District Court.


This rule shall apply to allDistrict Courts, the Department of Corrections and the Office of State DebtCollection.

Statement of the Rule:

(1) Upon order of the court,the Department of Corrections shall be responsible for the collection anddistribution of fines and restitution during the probation period in caseswhere the court orders supervised probation by the Department.

(2) If a defendant fails to paythe amount of fines and restitution ordered by the court pursuant to thepayment schedule established by the Department, the Department shall file aprogress/violation report with the court. The report shall contain anyexplanation concerning the defendant's failure to pay and a recommendation asto whether the defendant's probation should be modified, continued, terminatedor revoked or whether the defendant should be placed on bench probation for thelimited purpose of enforcing the payment of fines or restitution.

(3) If the court orders thedefendant placed on bench probation for the purpose of enforcing the payment offines and restitution, the court shall notify the defendant of such order.

(4) The court shall transfer anaccount to the Office State Debt Collection for collection as required bystatute.