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Rule 4-503. Mandatory electronicfiling.


Torequire that documents in district court civil cases be filed electronically.

Toprovide for exceptions.


Thisrule applies in the district court.

Statementof the Rule:

(1)Except as provided in Paragraph (2), pleadings and other papers filed in civilcases in the district court on or after April 1, 2013 shall be electronicallyfiled using the electronic filer?s interface.

(2)(A)A self-represented party who is not a lawyer may file pleadings and otherpapers using any means of delivery permitted by the court.

(2)(B)A lawyer whose request for a hardship exemption from this rule has beenapproved by the Judicial Council may file pleadings and other papers using anymeans of delivery permitted by the court. To request an exemption, the lawyershall submit a written request outlining why the exemption is necessary to theDistrict Court Administrator.

(2)(C)Pleadings and other papers in probate cases may be filed using any means ofdelivery permitted by the court until July 1, 2013, at which time they shall beelectronically filed using the electronic filer?s interface.

(3)The electronic filer shall be an attorney of record and shall use a unique andpersonal identifier that is provided by the filer?s service provider.


Effectivedate: May 1, 2016