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Rule4-403.  Electronic signature and signature stamp use.


To establish a uniform procedure for the use of judges' andcommissioners' electronic signatures and signature stamps.


This rule shall apply to all trial courts of record and not ofrecord.

Statement of the Rule:

(1)     A clerk may, with the priorapproval of the judge or commissioner, use an electronic signature or signaturestamp in lieu of obtaining the judge's or commissioner's signature on thefollowing:

(1)(A)   bail bonds from approved bondsmen;

(1)(B)   bench warrants;

(1)(C)   civil orders for dismissal when submitted by the plaintiffin uncontested cases ???or when stipulated by both parties incontested cases;

(1)(D)   civil orders for dismissal pursuant to Rule 4-103, URCP 3and URCP 4(b);

(1)(E)   orders to show cause;

(1)(F)   orders to take into custody;

(1)(G)   summons;

(1)(H)   supplemental procedure orders;

(1)(I)    orders setting dates for hearing andfor notice;

(1)(J)   orders on motionsrequesting the Department of Workforce Services (DWS) to ??releaseinformation concerning a debtor, where neither DWS nor the debtor opposes themotion;

(1)(K)   orders for transportation of a person in custody to a courthearing, including ??writs of habeascorpus ad prosequendum and testificandum; and

(1)(L)   orders appointing a court visitor.

(2)     When a clerk is authorized to usea judge?s or commissioner?s electronic signature or signature stamp as providedin paragraph (1), the clerk shall sign his or her name on the document directlybeneath the electronic signature or stamped imprint of the judge's orcommissioner's signature.

(3)???? In a case where adomestic relations injunction must be issued under URCP 109, the electronicsignature of the judge assigned to the case may be automatically attached tothe domestic relations injunction form approved by the Judicial Council,without the need for specific direction from the assigned judge and without theneed for a clerk?s signature accompanying the judge?s signature.

(4)  ?? All otherdocuments requiring the judge's or commissioner'ssignature shall be personally signed by the judge or commissioner, unless thejudge or commissioner, on a document by document basis, authorizes the clerk touse the judge's or commissioner's electronic signature or signature stamp inlieu of the judge's or commissioner's signature. On such documents, the clerkshall indicate in writing that the electronic signature or signature stamp wasused at the direction of the judge or commissioner and shall sign his or hername directly beneath the electronic signature or stamped imprint of thejudge's or commissioner's signature.

Effective January 1,2020