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Rule 3.5. Impartiality and decorum of thetribunal.

A paralegalpractitioner shall not:

(a) Seek to influence a judge orother official by means prohibited by law; or

(b) Communicate ex parte asto the merits of the case with a judge or court official during the proceedingunless authorized to do so by law, rule or court order; or

(c) engagein conduct intended to disrupt a tribunal.



[1] Many forms of improper influenceupon a tribunal are proscribed by criminal law. Others are specified in theUtah Code of Judicial Conduct, with which an advocate should be familiar. Alicensed paralegal practitioner is required to avoid contributing to aviolation of such provisions.

[2] During a proceedinga licensed paralegal practitioner may not communicate ex parte withpersons serving in an official capacity in the proceeding, such as judgesunless authorized to do so by law, rule or court order.



Effective November 1, 2018