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Rule 3-411. Grant management.


To establishthe policy and procedures for obtaining grant funds.

To delineatethe responsibility for the administration of grant funds and projects.

To facilitatethe coordination of grant funded projects in the courts.


This rule shallapply to the application process for and management of grants for thejudiciary.

Statement ofthe Rule:

(1) Applicationprocess.

(1)(A) A personinterested in applying for grant funds shall prepare a proposal including

(1)(A)(i) the issues to be addressed by the project,

(1)(A)(ii) anexplanation of how the grant funds will contribute toward resolving the issuesidentified, and

(1)(A)(iii) anidentification of possible funding sources for the continuing costs of theproject when grant funds are no longer available.

(1)(B) If theapplicant is seeking new federal funds or to participate in a new federalprogram, the proposal shall include:

(1)(B)(i) the number of additional permanent full-time andpart-time employees needed to participate in the federal program; and

(1)(B)(ii) alist of any requirements the state must meet as a condition for receiving thefederal funds or participating in the federal program.

(1)(C)Submission of the proposal.

(1)(C)(i) The proposal shall be reviewed by the court executivesor their designees and the judges in the districts which will be affected bythe project.

(1)(C)(ii) Ifthe court executives or their designees and the presiding judges in thedistricts which will be affected by the project approve the proposal, theproposal shall be forwarded to the grant coordinator at the administrativeoffice.

(1)(C)(iii) Ifthe court executives or their designees and the presiding judges in thedistricts that the project will affect approve the proposal, but sufficienttime to comply with paragraph (1)(D) prior to submission of the proposal to thefunding source is not available, the proposal may be submitted simultaneouslyto the funding source and the grant coordinator at the administrative office.

(1)(D) Reviewof the proposal. The grant coordinator shall review the proposal with theFinance Manager and the court level administrator. This review must be completeprior to submission to the Board(s) of Judges.

(1)(E)Recommendation by the Board of Judges. The Board of Judges for affected courtsmust recommend to the Council that the grant proposal be pursued.

(1)(F) Approvalby the Council. Any proposal to apply for grant funds must be approved by theCouncil.

(1)(G) Approvalby the Legislature. The Judicial Council shall submit proposals to theLegislative Executive Appropriations Committee or to the Legislature asrequired by statute.

(1)(H) If theCouncil approves the proposal, the grant coordinator shall work with therequestor and the affected courts in seeking the grant funds. Theadministrative office shall constitute the designated agency for approvinggrant applications if such approval is required by the grant application.

(1)(I) If theCouncil or a Board of Judges does not approve the proposal, the proposal shallnot be submitted to the funding source or, if already submitted to the fundingsource, the proposal shall be withdrawn.

(1)(J) No fundsshall be accepted from a funding source until the proposal is approved.

(2)Administration of grant funds and projects.

(2)(A) Theadministrative office shall receive, administer and be accountable for allgrant funds awarded to the courts and provide detailed budget reports to theCouncil upon request.

(2)(B) Theadministrative office shall name the project director for each grant. Theproject director may delegate the supervision of non-judicial daily operationsand other non-judicial duties required by the grant. The presiding judges ofthe districts affected by the project shall supervise any judicial orquasi-judicial duties required by the grant.

(3) Grantapplications by non-judicial branch applicants.

(3)(A)Endorsement of a grant application prepared by a non-judicial branch applicantmay only be made by the Judicial Council.

(3)(B) Anygrant application by a non-judicial branch applicant which contemplatesparticipation of the courts or expenditures of court resources should bereferred to the Judicial Council for review and endorsement. Judicial branchemployees shall not participate in the preparation of a grant application by anon-judicial branch applicant without Judicial Council approval.