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Rule 15-602. Purpose and nature ofsanctions.

?(a) Purpose of licensed paralegal practitionerdiscipline proceedings. The purpose of imposing licensed paralegal practitionersanctions is to ensure and maintain the high standard of professional conduct requiredof those who undertake the discharge of professional responsibilities aslicensed paralegal practitioners, and to protect the public and theadministration of justice from licensed paralegal practitioners who havedemonstrated by their conduct that they are unable or likely to be unable todischarge properly their professional responsibilities.

(b) Public nature oflicensed paralegal practitioner discipline proceedings. Ultimate disposition oflicensed aralegal practitioner discipline shall bepublic in cases of delicensure, suspension, andreprimand, and nonpublic in cases of admonition.

(c) Purpose of these rules.These rules are designed for use in imposing a sanction or sanctions followinga determination that a licensed paralegal practitioner has violated a provisionof the Licensed Paralegal Practitioner Rules of Professional Conduct.Descriptions in these rules of substantive disciplinary offenses are notintended to create grounds for determining culpability independent of theLicensed Paralegal Practitioner Rules of Professional Conduct. The rulesconstitute a system for determining sanctions, permitting flexibility andcreativity in assigning sanctions in particular cases of licensed paralegalpractitioner misconduct. They are designed to promote:

(c)(1) considerationof all factors relevant to imposing the appropriate level of sanction in anindividual case;

(c)(2) considerationof the appropriate weight of such factors in light of the stated goals oflicensed? paralegal practitioner discipline;and

(c)(3) consistencyin the imposition of disciplinary sanctions for the same or similar offenseswithin and among jurisdictions.

Effective November 1, 2018