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Rule 15-532. Failure to answer charges.

(a) Failure to answer. Ifhaving received actual notice of the charges filed, the respondent fails toanswer the charges within 20 days, the respondent shall be deemed to haveadmitted the factual allegations.

(b) Failure to appear. Ifthe respondent, having been ordered by the Committee to appear and havingreceived actual notice of that order, fails to appear, the respondent shallhave been deemed to have admitted the factual allegations which were thesubject of such appearance. The Committee shall not, absent good cause,continue or delay proceedings because of the respondent's failure to appear.

(c) Notice of consequences.Any notice within the scope of paragraph (a) or (b) above shall expressly statethe consequences, as specified above, of the respondent's failure to answer orappear.

Effective November 1, 2018