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Rule 15-508. Periodic assessment of licensedparalegal practitioners.

(a) Annual licensing fee. Every licensedparalegal practitioner licensed to practice in Utah shall pay to the Bar on orbefore July 1 of each year an annual license fee for each fiscal year to befixed by the Board from time to time and approved by the Supreme Court. The feeshall be sufficient to pay the costs of disciplinary administration andenforcement under this article.

(b) Failure to renew annual license. Failure topay the annual licensing fee or provide the required annual licensinginformation shall result in administrative suspension. Any licensed paralegalpractitioner who practices law after failure to renew his or her licenseviolates the Licensed Paralegal Practitioner Rules of Professional Conduct andmay be disciplined. The executive director or his or her designee shall givenotice of such removal from the rolls to such non-complying licensed paralegalpractitioner at the designated mailing address on record at the Bar and to thestate courts in Utah. The non-complying licensed paralegal practitioner mayapply in writing for relicensure by tendering thelicense fees and/or the required information and an additional $100reinstatement fee. Upon receiving the same, the Bar shall order relicensure and so notify the courts. Relicensurebased on failure to renew does not negate any orders of discipline.

Effective November 1, 2018