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Rule 15-506. Jurisdiction.

(a) Persons practicing as a licensed paralegalpractitioner. The persons subject to the disciplinary jurisdiction of theSupreme Court and the OPC include any licensed paralegal practitioner, and anyformerly licensed paralegal practitioner with respect to acts committed whilelicensed to practice in Utah or with respect to acts subsequent thereto whichamount to the practice of law or constitute a violation of any rulepromulgated, adopted, or approved by the Supreme Court or any otherdisciplinary authority where the licensed paralegal practitioner was licensedto practice or was practicing law at the time of the alleged violation, and anyother person not licensed in Utah who practices law as a licensed paralegalpractitioner or who renders or offers to render any legal services as alicensed paralegal practitioner in Utah.

(b) Reserved.

(c) Reserved.

(d) Reserved.


Effective November 1, 2018