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Rule 15-404. Active status licensedparalegal practitioner: MCLE.

(a) Active statuslicensed paralegal practitioner. Commencing with calendar year 2018, eachparalegal practitioner licensed in Utah must complete,during each two fiscal year period (July 1 through June 30), a minimum of 12hours of Utah Accredited CLE which must includea minimum of three hours of accredited ethics or professional responsibility.One of the three hours of ethics or professional responsibility must be in thearea of professionalism and civility. Licensed paralegal practitioner oninactive status are not subject to the requirements of this rule.

(a)(1) Reserved.

(b) Reserved.

(c) Reserved.

(d) Reserved.

(e) Reserved.?

(f) Reserved.

(g) Out-of-state CLE activities. CLE credit may beawarded for out-of-state activities that the Board determines meet standards infurthering a licensed paralegal practitioner?s legal education. The Boarddetermines whether to accredit the activities and, ifaccredited, the number of hours of credit to allow for such activities.

?(h) Activities that may be regarded asequivalent to state-sponsored self-study CLEmay include, but are not limited to, viewing of approved CLE audio, video, and webcast presentations, computer interactivetelephonic programs, writing and publishingan article in a legal periodical, part-time teaching in an approved law schoolor Approved paralegal education program, or delivering a paper or speech on aprofessional subject at a meeting primarily attended by lawyers, licensedparalegal practitioners, legal assistants, or law school students.

(i) A licensed paralegal practitioner?s applicationfor accreditation of a CLE activity must be submitted in writing to the Boardif the activity has not been previously approved for CLE credit in Utah.


Effective November 1, 2018