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Rule15-402. Definitions.

As used in this article:

(a)   Reserved;

(b)  ?Accredited CLE? means a CLE course thathas been approved the Board in accordance with Rule 15-410.

(c)? ?Active status? or active status ?licensedparalegal practitioner? means a licensed paralegal practitioner who has electedto be on active status as defined under the Bar's rules, regulations andpolicies;

(d) Reserved;

(e)(1) ?Approved law school? means anABA approved law school as defined under Rule 14-701;

(e)(2) ?Approvedparalegal education program? means a program offered by an accredited school asthat term is defined in Rule 15-701;

(f) ?Bar? means the Utah State Bar;

(g) Reserved;

(h) ?Board? means the Utah StateBoard of Mandatory Continuing Legal Education as set forth in Rule 14-403;

(i)?Board of BarCommissioners? means the governing board of the Bar;

(j) ?Certificate of Compliance?means a written report evidencing a licensed paralegal practitioner?scompletion of accredited CLE as required and defined under Rule 15-414;

(k) ?CLE? means continuing legaleducation;

(k)(1) ?Live CLE? means a CLE program presented in a classroom settingwhere the licensed paralegal practitioner is in the same room as the presenter;

(k)(2) ?Live Attendance? means in person attendance at a Utah statecourthouse where a course is streamed by live audio-visual communication fromanother Utah state courthouse or from the Law and Justice Center;

(k)(3) ?Self-Study CLE Program? means a program presented in a suitablesetting where the licensed paralegal practitioner?can view approved self-study activities;

(l) Reserved;

(m) ?Compliance Cycle? means the period of 2 years beginning July 1through June 30;

(n) ?Ethics? means standards set by the Utah Rules of ProfessionalConduct with which a licensed paralegal practitioner must comply to remain authorized tocertify as a licensed paralegal practitioner in Utah and remain in goodstanding;

(o) Reserved; ?

(p) Reserved;??

(q) ?Inactivestatus? or ?inactive status licensed paralegal practitioner? means a licensed paralegal practitionerwho has elected to be on inactive status as defined under the Bar's rules,regulations and policies;

(r) ?MCLE? means mandatory continuing legal educationas defined under this article;

(s) Reserved;

(t) ?New licensee? means a licensed paralegalpractitioner newly licensed by the Utah State Bar;

(u) Reserved;

(v) ?Presumptively approved sponsor? means those CLEsponsors or providers who qualify under the standards set forth in Rule 15-412;

(w) ?Presumptive CLE accreditation? means those CLEcourses or activities that qualify under the standards set forth in Rule15-412;

(x) ?Professionalism and Civility? means conduct consistent with thetenets of the legal profession by which a licensed paralegalpractitioner demonstratescivility, honesty, integrity, character, fairness, competence, ethical conduct,public service, and respect for the rules of law, the courts, clients, lawyers,other licensed paralegal practitioners, witnesses and unrepresented parties;

(y) ?OPC? means the Bar's Office of ProfessionalConduct;

(z) Reserved;

(aa) ?Supreme Court? meansthe Utah Supreme Court; and

(bb) Reserved.


Effective November 1, 2018