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Rule 15-402. Definitions.

As usedin this article:

(a) Reserved.

(b) ?Accredited CLE? means a CLEcourse that has been approved the Board in accordance with Rule 15-410.

(c) ?Active status? or ?activestatus ?licensed paralegal practitioner? means a licensed paralegalpractitioner who has elected to be on active status as defined under the Bar?srules, regulations, and policies.

(d) ?Approved law school? meansan ABA approved law school as defined under Rule 14-701.

(e) ?Approved paralegal education program?means a program offered by an accredited school as that term is defined in Rule15-701.

(f) ?Bar? means the Utah StateBar.

(g) Reserved.

(h) ?Board? means the Utah StateBoard of Mandatory Continuing Legal Education as set forth in Rule 14-403.

(i) ?Board of Bar Commissioners?means the governing board of the Bar.

(j) ?Certificate of Compliance?means a written report evidencing a licensed paralegal practitioner?scompletion of accredited CLE as required and defined under Rule 15-414.

(k) ?CLE? means continuing legaleducation.

(1) ?Live CLE? means a CLEprogram presented in a classroom setting where the licensed paralegalpractitioner is in the same room as the presenter.

(2) ?Live Attendance? means inperson attendance at a Utah state courthouse where a course is streamed by liveaudio-visual communication from another Utah state courthouse or from the Lawand Justice Center.

(3) ?Self-Study CLE Program?means a program presented in a suitable setting where the licensedparalegal practitioner can view approved self-study activities.

(l) Reserved.

(m) ?Compliance Cycle? means theperiod of two years beginning July 1 through June 30.

(n) ?Ethics? means standards setby the Utah Rules of Professional Conduct with which a licensed paralegalpractitioner must comply to remain authorized to certify as a licensedparalegal practitioner in Utah and remain in good standing.

(o) Reserved.

(p) Reserved.

(q) ?Inactive status? or ?inactivestatus licensed paralegal practitioner? means a licensed paralegalpractitioner who has elected to be on inactive status as defined under theBar?s rules, regulations, and policies.

(r) ?MCLE? means mandatorycontinuing legal education as defined under this article.

(s) Reserved.

(t) ?New licensee? means alicensed paralegal practitioner newly licensed by the Utah State Bar.

(u) Reserved.

(v) ?Presumptively approved sponsor?means those CLE sponsors or providers who qualify under the standards set forthin Rule 15-412.

(w) ?Presumptive CLE accreditation?means those CLE courses or activities that qualify under the standards setforth in Rule 15-412.

(x) ?Professionalism and Civility?means conduct consistent with the tenets of the legal profession by whicha licensed paralegal practitioner demonstrates civility, honesty,integrity, character, fairness, competence, ethical conduct, public service,and respect for the rules of law, the courts, clients, lawyers,other licensed paralegal practitioners, witnesses, and unrepresentedparties.

(y) ?OPC? means the Office ofProfessional Conduct.

(z) Reserved.

(aa) ?SupremeCourt? means the Utah Supreme Court.

Effective December 15, 2020