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Rule 15-1116. Conduct ofthe mediation.

(a) Scheduling themediation. The designated mediator shall set the time and place for themediation and shall cause written notice of the mediation to be servedpersonally or by mail on all parties to the mediation.

(b) Right to berepresented by counsel. In the notice of the mediation, the mediator shallinform the parties of their right to be represented by their own legal counselat their own cost at any stage of the mediation process. Failure to be representedby legal counsel at any stage of the mediation is a waiver of this right atthat stage of the mediation, although a party may use legal counsel later inthe mediation process.

(c) Right to be assistedat mediation. A party may designate an individual to accompany that party tothe mediation and to participate with the party in the mediation process. 

(d) Procedure. Themediator may use joint or private caucuses during the mediation process. Theprocess may be adjourned from time to time in the discretion of the mediator orat the request of the parties.

Effective November 1, 2018