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Rule15-1113. Selection of mediator.

(a) Appointment ofmediator. When the Committee has received the request and agreementto mediate fee dispute signed by all of the parties, together with the $10 fee,the chair or his designee shall appoint a mediator from the Committee?s list oftrained fee dispute mediators. The mediator shall schedule the mediationsession(s) with the parties.

(b) Mediator to beimpartial. The mediator shall be impartial. Before accepting a mediation, themediator shall make a reasonable inquiry to determine whether there are anyknown facts or potential conflicts of interest that a reasonable person wouldconsider likely to affect the impartiality of the mediator, including afinancial or personal interest in the outcome of the mediation and an existingor past relationship with a mediation party, and disclose such fact andpotential conflicts to the parties to the Committee. Upon notification of aconflict, the Committee shall appoint a replacement mediator from the list ofapproved mediators.

Effective November 1, 2018