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Rule 15-1107. Award;form; service of award; judicial confirmation of award.

(a) Time frame. Whenever practical the panel or solearbitrator shall hold a hearing within 60 days after receipt of the agreementto arbitrate, signed by both parties, and the signed petition and answer, andshall render its award within 20 days after the close of the hearing or theclose of the final hearing if more than one hearing has been held. The award ofthe panel shall be made by the majority of the panel or by the sole arbitrator.

(b)Delivery to Bar office. The award shall be in writing,and shall be signed by the members of the panel concurring or by the solearbitrator. The award shall include a determination of all questions submittedto the panel or sole arbitrator which are necessary to resolve the dispute. Theoriginal of the award shall be forwarded by the panel chair or sole arbitratorto the Bar office.

(c) Form.While the award is not required to be in any particular form, it should, ingeneral, consist of a preliminary statement reciting the jurisdictional facts,such as that a hearing was held upon notice pursuant to a written agreement toarbitrate, the parties were given an opportunity to testify and cross-examine,and shall include a brief statement of the dispute, findings and the award.

(d) Serviceon parties. The panel or sole arbitrator shall render a written decision whichshall be forwarded by the panel chairman or sole arbitrator to the Bar office,which shall then forward the decision to the petitioner and the respondent.

(e) Clientaward ? judicial confirmation. If the award favors the client, and the licensedparalegal practitioner fails to comply with the award within 20 days after thedate on which a copy of the award is mailed to him, the client may seek aconfirmation of the award in accordance with the Utah Uniform Arbitration Actbut without further assistance by the Bar.

(f)Licensed paralegal practitioner award ? judicial confirmation. If the awardfavors the licensed paralegal practitioner, and the client fails to comply withthe award within 20 days after the date upon which a copy of the award ismailed to the client by the Bar office the licensed paralegal practitioner mayexercise his or her rights under the Utah Uniform Arbitration Act, whichprovides for the judicial confirmation of arbitration awards but withoutfurther assistance by the Bar.

(g)Modification of award by arbitrators.

(g)(1) Uponmotion of any party to the arbitrators or upon order of the court pursuant to amotion, the arbitrators may modify the award if:

(g)(1)(A) there was an evident miscalculation of figures ordescription of a person or property referred to in the award;

(g)(1)(B) the award is imperfect as to form; or

(g)(1)(C) necessary to clarify any part of the award.

(g)(2) A motion to the arbitrators for modification of an awardshall be made within 20 days after service of the award upon the moving party.Written notice that a motion has been made shall be promptly served personallyor by certified mail upon all other parties to the proceeding. The notice ofmotion for modification shall contain a statement that objections to the motionbe served upon the moving party within ten days afterreceipt of the notice.

Effective November 1, 2018