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Rule 15-1101. Definitions.

As used inthis article:

(a)"Bar" means the Utah State Bar;

(b) "chair" means the chair of the Utah State Bar FeeDispute Resolution Committee;

(c) "client" means a person or entity who, directly orthrough an authorized representative, consults, retains or secures legalservices or advice from a licensed paralegal practitioner in the licensedparalegal practitioner?s professional capacity;

(d)"Committee" means the Utah State Bar Fee Dispute ResolutionCommittee;

(e) "decision" means the determination made by the panel ina fee arbitration proceeding;

(f) "executive director" means the executive director of theBar or his designee;

(g) ?LawyerRule? means the rules in Article 11, Arbitration of Fee Disputes, Chapter 14,Rules Governing the Utah State Bar, of the Supreme Court Rules of ProfessionalPractice.

(h) "panel" means the arbitrator(s) assigned to hear a feedispute and to issue a decision;

(i) "petition" means awritten request for fee arbitration in a form approved by the Committee;

(j) "petitioner" means the party requesting fee arbitrationand can be either a client or a licensed paralegal practitioner;

(k) "respondent" means the party with whom the petitionerhas a fee dispute and can be either a client or a licensed paralegalpractitioner; and

(l) ?Rule? means, except whereindicated otherwise, one of the rules of Resolution of Fee Disputes forLicensed Paralegal Practitioners.

Effective November 1, 2018