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Rule 14-904. Funding.

(a) The Supreme Courtshall provide for funding by the lawyers and licensed paralegal practitionerslicensed in this state in amounts adequate for the proper payment of claims andcosts of administering the Fund subject to paragraph (c).

(b) All determinationswith regards to funding shall be within the discretion of the Board, subject toapproval of the Supreme Court.

(c) The Bar shall havethe authority to assess its members and licensed paralegal practitioners forpurposes of maintaining the Fund at sufficient levels to pay eligible claims inaccordance with these rules. The Committee shall report annually to theCommission on a timely basis as to known prospective claims as well as totalclaims paid to date so that an appropriate assessment can be made for theupcoming fiscal year. After the assessment at the beginning of the fiscal yearis determined, the Fund balance shall be set in an amount of not less than$200,000. The Bar shall then report to the Supreme Court as to knownprospective claims as well as total claims paid to date after which the finalassessment and fund balance shall be set with the Court?s approval.

(d) A lawyer's orlicensed paralegal practitioner?s failure to pay any fee assessed underparagraph (c) shall be cause for administrative suspension from practice untilpayment has been made.

(e) Any lawyer orlicensed paralegal practitioner whose actions have caused payment of funds to aclaimant from the Fund shall reimburse the Fund for all monies paid out as aresult of his or her conduct with interest at legal rate, in addition topayment of the assessment for the procedural costs of processing the claim andreasonable attorney fees incurred by the Bar's Office of Professional Conductor any other attorney or investigator engaged by the Committee to investigateand process the claim as a condition of continued practice.

(e)(1) In lawyer orlicensed paralegal practitioner discipline cases for which the Fund pays aneligible claim, the lawyer?s or licensed paralegal practitioner?s license topractice shall be administratively suspended for non-payment untilreimbursement to the Fund has been made by the lawyer or licensed paralegalpractitioner.

Effective May 1, 2019