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Rule 14-502

Rule 14-502. Definitions.

As used in this article:

(a) "Bar" means theUtah State Bar;

(b) "Board " means theBoard of Commissioners of the Utah State Bar;

(c) "Committee" meansthe Ethics and Discipline Committee of the Utah Supreme Court;

(d) "complainant"means the person who files an informal complaint or the OPC when the OPCdetermines to open an investigation based on information it has received;

(e) "OPC counsel"means senior counsel and any assistant counsel employed to assist seniorcounsel;

(f) "formalcomplaint" means a complaint filed in the district court allegingmisconduct by a lawyer or seeking the transfer of a lawyer to disabilitystatus;

(g) "informalcomplaint" means any written, notarized allegation of misconduct by orincapacity of a lawyer which also contains a verification attesting to theaccuracy of the information provided;

(h) "NOIC" meansNotice of Informal Complaint sent to the respondent after a preliminaryinvestigation;

(i) "OPC" means the Bar'sOffice of Professional Conduct;

(j) "respondent"means a lawyer subject to the disciplinary jurisdiction of the Utah SupremeCourt against whom an informal or formal complaint has been filed;

(k) "Rules of ProfessionalConduct" means the Utah Rules of Professional Conduct (including theaccompanying comments) initially adopted by the Utah Supreme Court in 1988, asamended from time to time;

(l) "screening panel" meansmembers of the Committee who participate in hearings and make determinationsunder Rule 14-503;

(m) "senior counsel" means thelawyer appointed by the Board to manage the OPC; and

(n) "Supreme Court" means theUtah Supreme Court.