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Rule 14-416. Lawyers onactive status not practicing law in Utah; Lawyers on active statusengaged in full-time volunteer work in remote locations.

(a) A lawyeron active status who is not engaged in the practice of law in Utah may, file and attach tohis or her Utah Certificate of Compliance evidence showing that the lawyer hasmet the Utah MCLE requirements in Rule 14-404 with CLE courses accredited inthe state in which the lawyer resides and practices. This may includecertificates of compliance, certificates of attendance or other informationindicating the identity of the accrediting jurisdiction.?

(a)(1)The lawyer must attach to his or her Utah Certificateof Compliance a copy of the member?s Certificate of Compliance with the MCLErequirements from that jurisdiction together with evidence that the member hascompleted a minimum of three hours of accredited ethics or professionalresponsibility. One of the three hours of ethics or professional responsibilitymust be in the area of professionalism and civility.

(a)(2) If the lawyer lives in a jurisdiction where there isnot a CLE requirement, the lawyer must comply with the Utah CLE requirements orplace his or her license on inactive status.

(b) Upon application by a lawyer on active status, the Boardmay grant a waiver of the MCLE requirements of Rule 14-404 and issue acertificate of exemption if the lawyer:

(b)(1) resides in a remote location outside of Utah whereaudio or video presentations or computer interactive telephonic programssufficient to allow the lawyer to participate in CLE credit hours are notreasonably available to the lawyer; and

(b)(2) is engaged in full-timevolunteer work for a religious or charitable organization.

Effective May 1, 2016.