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Rule 14-405. MCLE requirements for lawyers on inactivestatus.

(a) Lawyers on inactive status are not subject to MCLErequirements while on inactive status. 

(b) Return to active status.  A lawyer who is oninactive status for 12 months or more and who returns to active status mustcomplete the 24 hour MCLE requirement by June 30 of the fiscal year following his orher return to active status and may use CLE hours completed prior to activationto satisfy part or all of the MCLE requirement if those hours were completedduring theCLE cycle in which thelawyer must complete the MCLE requirement.

(c) A lawyer who has been on inactive status for less than 12months may not elect active status until completing the MCLE requirements thatwere incomplete at the time the lawyer elected to be enrolled as an inactivemember.

Effective May 1, 2017