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Rule 14-402. Definitions.

Asused in this article:

(a)"Active emeritus" or "active emeritus lawyer" means alawyer who has been a member of the Bar for 50 years or who is 75 years of ageas of July 1 of the current year and who qualifies for active emeritus statusas defined under the Bar's rules, regulations and policies;

(b) ?"Active status" or"active status lawyer" means a lawyer who has elected to be on activestatus as defined under the Bar's rules, regulations and policies; statejudges, federal judges and magistrates, court commissioners, active senior judgesand active justice court judges, both full and part time, meet CLE requirementsthrough the Administrative office of the Courts;

?(c) "Admission on motion applicant or lawyer" means a lawyer whohas applied for reciprocal admission as defined under Rule 14-705 or has beenadmitted as such;

(d)"Approved lawschool" means an ABA approved law school as defined under Rule 14-701;

(e)"Bar" means the Utah State Bar;

(f) ?Bar Examination? means the BarExamination as defined in Rules 14-710 and 14-711 and includes the UBE,regardless of where the UBE was taken;

(g)"Board" means the Utah State Board of Mandatory Continuing LegalEducation as set forth in Rule 14-403;

(h)"Board of Bar Commissioners" means the governing board of the Bar;

(i) "Certificate of Compliance" means a writtenreport evidencing a lawyer's completion of accredited CLE as required anddefined under Rule 14-414;

(j)"CLE" means continuing legal education;

(j)(1) ?Live CLE? means a CLE programpresented in a classroom setting where the lawyer is in the same room as thepresenter;

(j)(2) ?Live Attendance? means in personattendance at a Utah state courthouse where a course is streamed by liveaudio-visual communication from another Utah state courthouse or from the Lawand Justice Center;

(j)(3) ?Self-Study CLE Program? means aprogram presented in a suitable setting where the lawyer can view approvedself-study activities;

(k) ?Comity Certificate? is a Certificatethat is filed to show MCLE compliance with a reciprocal jurisdiction;

(l) ?Compliance Cycle?- means the period of 2years beginning July 1 through June 30;

(m) ?Ethics? means standards set by the UtahRules of Professional Conduct with which a lawyer must comply to remainauthorized to practice law in Utah and remain in good standing;

?(n) "Fullexam" means all components of the Bar Examination as defined under Rule 14-710;?

(o) ?House Counsel? means a lawyer admittedwith a restricted House Counsel license as defined in Rule 14-719, which isrequired and limits his or her practice of law to the business of his or heremployer;??

(p) "Inactive status" or "inactive status lawyer" meansa lawyer who has elected to be on inactive status as defined under the Bar'srules, regulations and policies;

(q) "MCLE" means mandatory continuinglegal education as defined under this article;

(r) ?Multi-State Compliance Reciprocity?means Utah has established that MCLE compliance in certain states (Idaho,Oregon, Washington) may be used as MCLE compliance in Utah by an active lawyerwhose principal practice is in one of the established reciprocal states;

(s) "New admittee"means a lawyer newly admitted to the Utah State Bar;

(t) ?NLTP? means the New Lawyer Training Programas set forth in Rule 14-404 and Rule 14-808;

(u) "Presumptively approved sponsor" means those CLE sponsors orproviders who qualify under the standards set forth in Rule 14-412;

(v) "Presumptive CLE accreditation" means those CLE courses oractivities that qualify under the standards set forth in Rule 14-412;

(w) ?Professionalism and Civility? meansconduct consistent with the tenets of the legal profession by which a lawyerdemonstrates civility, honesty, integrity, character, fairness, competence,ethical conduct, public service, and respect for the rules of law, the courts,clients, other lawyers, witnesses and unrepresented parties;

(x) "OPC" means the Bar's Office ofProfessional Conduct;

(y) "OPC ethics school" means the OPC biannual seminar on the UtahRules of Professional Conduct which provides six CLE credit hours;

(z) "Supreme Court" means the UtahSupreme Court; and

(aa)?UBE Transfers? means applicants who gain admission bytransferring a uniform bar exam score;

Effective May 1, 2016.