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Rule 14-210

Rule 14-210. General.

(a) Litigation. No member,committee, or section of the Bar shall represent the Bar unless authorized todo so by the Board, or in case of emergency, by the Executive Committee asprovided in Rule 14-205(l) .

(b) Limitations on publicity.No recommendation or report of a section, committee, or member shall become therecommendation or report of the Bar until approved by the Board, and no suchreport or recommendation shall be released publicly prior to submission to andapproval of the Board.

(c) Authority to bind Bar. Nocommittee, section, or any officer or member shall have the power to make theBar liable for any debt or obligation except upon the authorization of theBoard.

(d) Local bar associations. Tofurther promote the purposes and objectives of the Bar, the Board shallencourage the creation of, and active participation of its members in, localbar associations, and work to achieve harmony with such local associations.

(e) Amendments of Bylaws. TheseBylaws may be amended at any regular or special meeting of the Board by amajority vote of the entire Board. However, proposed amendments shall be filedwith the executive director at least ten days in advance of the next regularmeeting of the Board; provided however, they may be amended at any regularmeeting of the Board without prior notice by the unanimous vote of the entireBoard.