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Rule 14-208

Rule 14-208. Special rules andregulations.

(a) Admission to the Bar. TheBoard shall promulgate rules for admission of applicants to the Bar pursuant toArticle 1, Integration and Management, and shall recommend to the Supreme Courtfor approval rules governing qualifications and requirements for admission tothe practice of law as a lawyer and as a foreign legal consultant and for theexamination of applicants.

(b) Conduct and discipline. TheBoard shall promulgate rules governing the conduct and discipline of members ofthe Bar and shall recommend to the Supreme Court for approval rules governingthe conduct of members of the Bar and rules governing the disciplinary anddisability procedures in cases involving alleged misconduct or incapacity ofmembers.

(c) Student practice rules. TheBoard may promulgate and recommend to the Supreme Court for approval rulesgoverning student practice or student court assistance programs.

(d) Sections, standingcommittees, special committees. To facilitate the accomplishment of thepurposes and objectives of the Bar, the Board shall create appropriatesections, standing committees and special committees of the Bar to whichmatters may be referred, for handling and/or recommendation to the Board. TheBoard may call for regular or periodic reports from such committees andsections at times and to such extent as shall appear appropriate to the Board.

(e) Committees. Committees ofthe Bar shall be:

(e)(1) Standing committees,which shall continue in existence until abolished by the Board. Members shallbe appointed to standing committees for staggered terms of three years.

(e)(2) Ad hoc committees,which, having been created for a specific purpose, shall be terminated uponcompletion of that purpose. Membership on ad hoc committees shall be for thetime the committee is in existence.

(e)(3) The Board shall select achair and the members of each committee.