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Rule1.12. Arbitrator, Mediator or Other Third-Party Neutral.

(a) A licensed paralegalpractitioner shall not represent anyone in connection with a matter in whichthe licensed paralegal practitioner participated personally and substantially as an arbitrator, mediator or other third-partyneutral, unless all parties to the proceeding give informed consentconfirmed in writing.

(b) A licensed paralegalpractitioner shall not negotiate for employment with any person who is involvedas a party or as counsel for a party in a matter in which the licensedparalegal practitioner is participating personally and substantially  as an arbitrator, mediator or other third-partyneutral. 

(c) If a licensed paralegalpractitioner is disqualified by paragraph (a), no attorney or licensedparalegal practitioner in a firm with which that licensed paralegal practitioner isassociated may knowingly undertake or continue representation in the matterunless:

(c)(1) thedisqualified licensed paralegal practitioner is timely screened from any participation in the matter and isapportioned no part of the fee from that matter;  and

(c)(2) written notice is promptly given to the parties and anyappropriate tribunal.

(d) Reserved.


Effective November 1, 2018