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Rule 14-915

Rule 14-915. Restitution andsubrogation.

(a) A lawyer whose dishonestconduct results in reimbursement to a claimant shall be liable to the Fund forrestitution, and the Bar may bring such action as it deems advisable to enforcesuch obligation.

(b) As a condition ofreimbursement, a claimant shall be required to provide the Fund with a protanto transfer of the claimant's rights against the lawyer, the lawyer's legalrepresentative, estate or assigns; and of claimant's rights against any thirdparty or entity who may be liable for the claimant's loss.

(c) Upon commencement of anaction by the Bar as subrogee or assignee of a claim, it shall advise theclaimant, who may then join in such action to recover the claimant'sunreimbursed losses.

(d) In the event the claimantcommences an action to recover unreimbursed losses against the lawyer or anyother entity who may be liable for the claimant's loss, the claimant shall berequired to notify the Bar of such action.

(e) The claimant shall berequired to agree to cooperate in all efforts that the Bar undertakes toachieve restitution for the Fund.