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Rule 14-704

Rule 14-704. Qualifications for admission of Attorney Applicants.

(a) Requirements of Attorney Applicants. The burden ofproof is on the Applicant to establish by clear and convincing evidence thatshe or he:

(a)(1) has paid the prescribedfees and filed the required Complete Application as an Attorney Applicant inaccordance with Rule 14-707;

(a)(2) is at least 21 years old;

(a)(3) has graduated with a FirstProfessional Degree in law from an Approved Law School;

(a)(4) has been admitted to thepractice of law before the highest court of a U.S.state, territory, or the District of Columbia;

(a)(5) is of good moral characterand satisfies the requirements of Rule 14-708;

(a)(6) has successfully passed theMPRE and the Bar Examination;

(a)(7) is a member in goodstanding in all jurisdictions where currently admitted;

(a)(8) has a proven record of ethical, civil andprofessional behavior and has never been disbarred or resigned with disciplinepending, or their equivalent, in any jurisdiction and is not currently subjectto lawyer discipline or the subject of a pending disciplinary matter; and

(a)(9) complies with theprovisions of Rule 14-716 concerning licensing and enrollment fees.

(b) Attorney Applicants from Unapproved Law Schools. AnApplicant who does not meet the educational qualifications in Rule 14-704(a)(3) is qualified provided the Applicant establishes byclear and convincing evidence that she or he:

(b)(1) complies with the requirements in (a)(1) and (a)(2) and (a)(4) through (a)(9);

(b)(2) has graduated with a FirstProfessional Degree in law from an UnapprovedLaw Schoollocated within a U.S. state,territory or the District of Columbia;

(b)(3) has been admitted to the practice of law before thehighest court of a U.S state, territory or the Districtof Columbia for no fewer than ten years, and has been Actively and lawfullyengaged in the Full-time Practice of Law in one or more jurisdictions wherelicensed for any ten of the eleven years immediately preceding the filing ofthe application.

(c)Attorney Applicants from Foreign Law Schools. The burden of proof is on theApplicant to establish by clear and convincing evidence that she or he:

(c)(1)graduated from a Foreign Law School in a country whereprinciples of English common law form the predominant basis for that country'ssystem of jurisprudence;

(c)(2)complies with the requirements in (a)(1), (a)(2) and(a)(5) through (a)(9);

(c)(3)has been admitted to practice law in an English commonlaw jurisdiction;

(c)(4)has been Actively and lawfully engaged in theFull-time Practice of Law in an English common law jurisdiction for no fewerthan two (2) years;

(c)(5)has completed with a minimum grade of ?C? or itspassing equivalent no less than 24 semester hours, or a corresponding amount inquarter hours, at an Approved Law School,within 24 consecutive months. The 24 semester hours must include no less thanone course each in a core or survey course of constitutional law, civilprocedure, criminal procedure or criminal law, legal ethics and evidence;

(c)(6)is of good moral character and satisfies therequirements of Rule 14-708;

(c)(7)has successfully passed the MPREand the Bar Examination; and

(c)(8)complies with the provisions of Rule 14-716 concerninglicensing and enrollment fees.

(d)Foreign Attorneys not meeting the requirements of paragraph (c). Attorneys notmeeting the requirements of paragraph (c) may be eligible for admission only ifthey meet the requirements of paragraph (a).

Effective Date May 1, 2016